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A couple of Associations did hear about National Volunteer Week

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kudos to several associations and a couple of ubercool volunteers so recognized the importance of getting involved in National Volunteer Week. I prodded earlier that association's didn't get it and while I think these examples are good, I still say we have a long-way to go baby.

Here are ideas from 3 associations (can you find more??):

  • ASAE said thanks! (albeit a blanket thank you, but a thank you!)
  • AIHA did a little podcast celebrating their volunteers which @craigsorrell shared.
  • PRSA_MD sent a few tweets and started a thank you chain on their Facebook page ...

Here are some from a few smart people:

So let's look ahead to 2012's week - April 15-21... and here's a starting point: Engaging Volunteer's round-up from VolunteerMatch's resource library. And for some inspiration check out #NVW11.


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