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#NVW2015 - Shining the Spotlight on Volunteers

Monday, April 13, 2015 - 3:56pm

Not that we need an excuse to thank our volunteers, but we do want to shine the spotlight all week long on the people who make a difference in celebration of National Volunteer Week 2015 #NVW2015.

Let’s start with a shout out to three groups of volunteers who lead the three associations we have the honor of managing:

All week we want to highlight our volunteers and the difference they make. And today, we thank our volunteers for their ideas and their willingness to work those ideas. Like …

PRSA Maryland BIM co-chair David Harrison, Harrison Communications, dared to re-image the Best In Maryland awards as a holiday gala and then with Anita Brightman, A Bright Idea, created a whole theme around the awards that drew more entries, more attendees and more excitement.

American Association of Diabetes Educators volunteer team in Washington created a “Get on the Bus” volunteer recruitment push that reframed the traditional “please help” into “let’s have fun”. The results: new faces, new positions and new energy.

MRN’s Legislative Committee could have just fought the bill but they joined other voices in crafting a suggestion – a call for a multi-stakeholder task force to review the issue and develop a strategy to divert yard waste and food residuals in a more effective manner – and the MD legislature committee members responded by withdrawing the bill, calling for the task force and inviting MRN to be a part.

What ideas have your volunteers brought to life?


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