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Mariner Management & Marketing LLC

Association Management

We know that as an Association Volunteer Leader you have limited time, with seemingly never enough for your family, friends and job, much less your association. Our services allow you to maximize your volunteer efforts through administrative support and guidance.

Mariner serves as your headquarters and the front-line for your members. We cover the basics. We also offer planning and promotional services to help your association grow. And, where you’re not sure what’s best, we’ll help you assess your current situation and provide recommendations for the best options to match your needs and financial situation.

Our Basic Services – what every association needs to operate

  • Correspondence & record-keeping
  • Financial tracking & reporting
  • Member billing & tracking
  • Member communications
  • Meeting & event coordination
  • Maintenance of key legal & financial documents
  • Prompt submission of tax returns
  • Leadership management
  • Regular 2-way communication with national/affiliated offices

Building a Member Services Commitment – add these services to create value for members

  • Website development & maintenance – create an active resource for members or a marketing portal for acquiring new members
  • Social media strategy and support – harness the web (think blogs, wikis, FaceBook) to maximize your reach and member community
  • Event planning & logistics
  • Affinity program development – provide key products and services that offer members a savings or special value
  • Non-Dues income – build revenue streams for your association through sponsorships, advertising, affinity programs and the like

Planning & Consulting – invest in your association’s future

  • Strategic planning
  • Market research including member surveys
  • By-laws & organizational policies/procedures review and update
  • Board training & development
  • Membership marketing
  • Fund Raising

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