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Mariner Management & Marketing LLC

Mariner Management

Mariner Management & Marketing is your partner in helping association volunteers and staff create the greatest possible value for your members and in ensuring the long term health and growth of your association.

We are a full-service association management firm specializing in local, state and regional member organizations. As such, Mariner serves as the association headquarters for six regional or state associations.

We are a consultancy offering guidance to membership and nonprofit organizations looking to change, grow, test new ideas to create value for members and constituents.

We are Peggy Hoffman and Peter Houstle, two senior association executives and a cadre of professionals who share a mission and philosophy.

Mariner is more than a name. It reflects who we are. We have a bit of a mariner inside. Like Christopher Columbus and NASA's Mariner series, we seek out the uncharted paths and celebrate the "new world" as we honor the "old world."

Our philosophy focuses on the compass. Many organizations’ staff and volunteers focus on only one of the two powerful tools that direct individuals and groups: the clock. Think of the clock as the “what” or the “when” ... the schedule of appointments, events, activities and commitments. While the clock is about managing time, the compass is about living. It is your vision, values, principals, direction – your “why.” We believe that by following the compass, you focus on the goal, which can lead you to a path you might not have discovered.

Select Mariner because we'll ask the questions that count. We'll focus on the right answers and chart the right course. We don't follow conventional wisdom, we follow the stars as a navigator exploring new waters.

Let us introduce our Management Team and Clients and tell you how we work.

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